Descriptive Writing

Year 3 have been working on writing a descriptive paragraph using a range of words, phrases and writing techniques. We based our writing on a short Disney animation called ‘Lava’ about a volcano called Uku who was looking for love. We planned, drafted and edited our work as independently as possible before publishing neatly. Our teachers are now making them into a class book! Here are a few examples of our work…

Year 3 Volcano Wow Day

Welcome to our Year 3 blog!

We are super impressed with how the children have started Year 3! They are adjusting to the new routines really well since returning to school after lockdown.

We are really looking to forward to the year ahead and doing lots more fun learning together 😊

To ignite our new topic, we held a Wow Day on Monday. The children created models of the Earth, showing the different layers of rock.

They also created mini volcanoes out of salt dough and watched a teacher demonstration of a volcanic eruption (using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar).

The children asked great questions and demonstrated a keen interest in the new topic!!!

Welcome to our Year 3 Blog

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