A busy week in Year 3

The children have been busy learning all about The Celts this week as part of our topic, The Romans. They carried out some independent research and worked in tribes to create a poster to share their findings.

In Maths we have continued to use our column method to help us solve some addition and subtraction problems. The children have shown great progress and we are very proud of the resilience they have shown, especially as some of the problems were quite tricky!

We have also been very busy in English working hard planning our writing. We have been learning the story of Romulus and Remus which tells us the Myth of how Rome was built. The children are working towards their final piece of writing, where they will be retelling this story with a few changes and adaptations of their own.

Your child will have been sent home today with a letter explaining our plans for number day, which is next Friday. They will have been allocated a suit colour to wear as we will be basing our activities around our class text, Alice in Wonderland. We have tried to keep this as simple as possible so if you do not have the colour we have mentioned on your child’s letter please send them in with a plain white T-shirt. We will be providing them with the number element they need for the days activities.

We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and for those of you who are using Street Tag don’t forget it starts again tomorrow!

Thank you as always for your continued support.

The Year 3 Team

Last Week in Year 3

The children have been working really hard this week and we have been very impressed with the positive attitude they have shown overall following their return to school after lockdown.

In Maths this week we have been learning to use the column method to help to solve addition and subtraction problems with 3-digit numbers. The children have also been working hard in English planning their non-chronological reports about keeping healthy. There have been some great conversations happening in class and so we cannot wait to see their published pieces next week.

On Thursday, the children took part in a range of activities for our DT day with a shared focus of healthy eating. These included:

1. A budgeting task where the children were given a Β£5 budget to spend on healthy food items. We looked at leaflets and grocery websites to find prices, worked out the total cost of our chosen foods and how much change we would expect to receive.

2. A skills session where they were shown how to use some kitchen tools safely. They explored different ways to present vegetables.

3. Designing a poster to promote kitchen hygiene and safety.

Finally, they created a design and recipe of a healthy plate of their own (you may have noticed these arriving at home as a homework task for Easter). We encouraged the children to include ingredients that work well together with a suggestion that they include 5-8 different food choices. We realise you may need to change or adapt these in order to make them at home, but these are the children’s unique creations which they have designed and planned themselves. If any changes are made can you please encourage your child to reflect on this in their evaluation. The homework is not due until after Easter to allow plenty of time and flexibility with this. We hope you have fun making and eating their healthy recipes!

We were very excited to have a visit from the chicks this week! We watched a live stream last week as they hatched and so it was lovely for them to join us in our classrooms this week. Unfortunately, this year the children have been unable to handle the chicks but we have enjoyed watching them grow and change all the same.

I wonder if you can thing of any eggcellent chick names!

Please remember to continue to access bug club at home with your children. If there are any issues logging in to your child’s account please contact the school and we will do our best to resolve this for you. Many of the children have now accessed their account in school and we are working to make sure they all do so regularly. 

Next Week

Wednesday 31st March: Buddies Easter T-Shirt competition

 Wednesday 31st March End of Term 4: 

 Class 5 – 2:10pm

Class 6 – 2:05pm

We hope to all enjoy restful weekend, and if not we hope you get lots of street tags!

The Year 3 Team

Year 3 PE Days

A reminder that our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. The children should come to school in their PE kit on these days.

However, for this week ONLY, Mr Davis is doing his PE lesson on Thursday 11th March rather than Wednesday 10th March. This is a one off change and the children should come to school in their PE kit of Thursday rather than Wednesday.

The Year 3 Team

Last week of Remote Learning! 😊

Good morning Year 3! We are nearly there!!! One more week until we can all learn together in the classroom again! πŸ‘

This week, we will be continuing with our Science topic on ‘Light and Shadows’. See how many of the key learning tasks you can complete so that we can share your learning when we get back to school.

Last week, we began creating a mini poetry book and we will be continuing this next week.
During our live meetings this week, you will have a chance to share one of your poems – you can read it out or just hold it up to show. We look forward to seeing/hearing them.

In Maths last week we started looking at 2D shapes. This week we will be moving on to learn about the properties of 3D shapes and you will be creating some of these at the end of the week.

Our Guided Reading sessions looked at a book called ‘The Dark’ and we will continue looking at this week and answering comprehension questions about it.

Remember to login to your BUG CLUB account and read some of the books that have been set up for you! We will be continuing to use this in school when we return and it would be great to see that everyone has given it a go at home!

Remember to join us on the live meeting at the following times:
Class 6 – Tuesday 11:30am
Class 5 – Wednesday 11am
The links for these meetings will go live 10 minutes before the meeting starts to allow everybody to join. Please remember to mute yourself when you join and be ready to share a poem if you would like to!

We hope you have a lovely final week learning from home. Remember to say thank you to your parents for their support! 😊

We have delivered some of the Head Teacher Hot Chocolates but still have a few to bring to your home but we will deliver these this week! We hope you enjoy/have enjoyed your well deserved treat!.

See you soooooooooooon! πŸ‘Œ
The Year 3 Team

Happy Half Term Year 3!


A full half term of home learning! Well done to each and every one of you for trying your best in the most difficult of circumstances and a big THANK YOU to your parents for stepping up and providing you with any support you may have needed.

We have now finished our Stone Age topic. You have learnt about the 3 main stages within the Stone Age period of History (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) and are now aware of some of the differences between these. You have produced menus, cave paintings, shopping lists for hunters and gatherers, pottery, jewellery and much more! You had found out about Stonehenge and how it came to be in Wiltshire and we have enjoyed the story of Stig of the Dump. We hope you have enjoyed this topic!

In Maths this week, we set you a range of challenges to complete, all based around the theme of the Stone Age. Some proved very tricky but well done for trying these – they were a test of resilience and the main thing is that you tried your best!

In Literacy, we concluded our work on the book Stone Age Boy. You had to plan and write a diary account in the voice of the child in the book and his experience in the Stone Age. We have seen some amazing published work, but still have a few to check so we will share these on Google Classroom for when we return on Monday 22nd February. From those submitted, we can see that you have embedded fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions and powerful adjectives and verbs into your writing to make them really interesting to read – well done!

Our Guided Reading focused on a poem, also related to the Stone Age. Some of you created fantastic pictures, using the detail from the text and you also used our VIPERS checklist to write your own comprehension questions before answering our set of questions. Again, some great work here!

We hope you have also enjoyed our Music, PSHE, French and PE session this half term. We will continue with similar tasks after half term until we can return to school and work together.

We will have 2 Science topics after half term – the first looking at Light and then we will be going on to look the human body. We will link these topics into our English sessions as much as possible to help you to embed your learning.

For now though, we all need a good rest! Have a lovely half term – get out and about in the fresh air as much as possible and try and stay away from a computer screen! We are unsure how much longer we need to learn in this way but as soon as it is safe and possible, we will be back together and we can see the rest of the year out together.

Please note: Our class emails and Google Classroom will not be monitored throughout Half Term as we are all in need of a good break but we will post new work on Sunday 21st February ready for you to get going again on the morning of Monday 22nd February.

Take care and keep smiling – you are all FANTASTIC!

The Year 3 Team

Happy Friday 5th Feb!

As we come to the end of the first week of February, we have again enjoyed seeing some lovely work coming in!

In Maths, we have continued to look at different types of lines – beginning my recapping on right angles, acute and obtuse angles on Monday, before learning about the terms ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal, then ‘parallel’ and ‘perpendicular’. We went on to recognise these lines within shapes and concluded the week by reflecting on our learning and creating a ‘teaching poster’ to help others learn! Some of your posters are SUPER neat and informative – well done!

In English, we have looked at more grammatical features that we will be using in our writing next week, to finish this topic of work. We tried to identify examples of these and will continue to develop our understanding of these throughout Year 3.

In Guided Reading, we have been working on the pace of reading and have worked on several shorter texts about the Stone Age and looked at answering questions about what we have read. These texts have hopefully helped us to learn some more facts about the Stone Age through our reading.

Some of you have been working on the Stone Age topic and have produced some lovely pieces of work. These are shared on Google Classroom.

One more week of home learning to go before we can all enjoy a well earned half term break!!! Also, there is the possibility of more snow this coming weekend, so maybe we can get outside and build some snowmen, igloos or create snow angels (not angles) again πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team

Another Successful Week! Friday 29th January!

Hello Year 3!

Well done again with all of your achievements this week both at home and for the key worker children at school! We have seen some more great work submitted and some cool (in fact frozen) snowmen that you built last snowy Sunday!

In Maths this week, we have been learning all about angles – not angels, which is usually a common spelling mistake made! We should now all be familiar with right angles, acute and obtuse angles and be able to identify these within shapes and in the environment around us. Keep looking for them and pointing them out!

In English, you have worked on descriptions of the setting and characters for the story ‘Stone Age Boy’. This will all help to form the basis of your final piece of writing as we bring this topic to an end over the next two weeks.

In Guided Reading, we learnt all about Stonehenge and worked on our skimming and scanning skills to find facts in a text.

Some of you have created cave paintings, Stone Age jewellery and the Key worker group created models of Stonehenge of Friday. Keep your pictures coming in for us to share of your creative work.

We look forward to our last two weeks of home learning before a well earned half term break. Our home learning looks to be continuing after half term, for a couple of weeks at least, and we will be switching to a Science Topic, so try and learn as much about the Stone Age as you can in the next two weeks – it is a fascinating topic as it is how our ancient ancestors used to live!!!!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing what you achieve in the week ahead.

Take care

The Year 3 Team

Happy Friday – 22nd Jan!

Hello Year 3 – We have made it to the end of another week of Remote Learning! Well done again to everyone who is working their socks off and to your parents who are juggling so much to support you.

This week, our English focused on grammar and we learnt about fronted adverbials, subordinate conjunctions and prepositions! Today, you edited and improved a diary account and hopefully, over the next two weeks, you will put all of this knowledge together to plan and write a diary account from a character’s point of view.

In Maths, we have continued our work on money and looked at finding change, using a number line and/or a bar model. We are moving on next week, but you should keep practising money at home as it is such an important concept to know about.

In Guided Reading, we have worked on our comprehension skills to answer questions about Stig of the Dump. Some of you have been really good at referring to the text to support your responses – well done!

There has been more FANTASTIC Topic work coming in – we have shared some examples on Google Classroom for you to look at. Well done for bringing the topic alive so well!!!

Some of you have created some lovely music and we have enjoyed reading your emails, telling us about your experience of working at home. We hope you are also keeping active – it is great to see Bure Park School at the top of the Street Tag Leaderboard – can you do your bit to help keep us there?

Our Class Assembly this week told you all about taking on a challenge and finding the determination, resilience and the importance of setting small steps in order to reach your target. Remember to do this with your school work – take it a bit at a time and celebrate all the little achievements along the way! You’ll have good days and bad days so don’t be too hard on yourself when it feels too difficult – take a break, try something else and come back to the challenge later! Maybe set yourself a fitness challenge to ensure you are active every day!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing more fab work from you next! Well done Year 3 – we continue to be really proud of you!

The Year 3 Team

Happy Friday Year 3!

We have made it to the end of our first full week of Home Learning! We have been so impressed with how well you have all been working and some of the work that has been sent to us is fantastic! If you know you have tried your best, then give yourself a big pat on the back and thank your adults at home for helping you!

In English, we have looked at the book “Stone Age Boy” and you have story mapped the main events and today verbally retold these. Some of the videos sent in were great and very enjoyable to watch. The key worker children in school, recorded theirs on an iPad and we will watch these back next week.

In Maths, we have learnt all about pounds and pence and today explored a problem, trying to be methodical in our thinking. Next week, we will continue to develop our understanding of money in ‘real-life’ situations.

In Guided Reading, we looked at the first chapter of Stig of the Dump and you completed a range of activities based on this. Next week we will be working on comprehension questions to do with this chapter, which you know really well now!

Some of you have made a good start on the Topic work and finding out about the Stone Age. In school, the key worker children created a timeline and discovered that the Stone Age period was in fact such a long time, it was divided into 3 sections! We also painted rocks with Stone Age type images.

We hope you also had a chance to do some of the PE, French, Music and Spelling activities! The PSHE was an interesting subject, although some people did find this quite tricky to understand so we have changed the theme for next week.

So, all in all it has been a busy, busy week and we hope you all have a good rest this weekend. If you can, get away from screens and get out for your daily exercise – remembering to collect Street Tag points along the way!

We have posted some photographs of some of the work completed this week on the Google Classroom stream, so take a look if you have time. Please remember to send a clear photograph of your completed work if you would like something shared next week.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to another productive week next week πŸ™‚

The Year Three Team

Descriptive Writing

Year 3 have been working on writing a descriptive paragraph using a range of words, phrases and writing techniques. We based our writing on a short Disney animation called β€˜Lava’ about a volcano called Uku who was looking for love. We planned, drafted and edited our work as independently as possible before publishing neatly. Our teachers are now making them into a class book! Here are a few examples of our work…